Friday, October 31, 2008

How Does It Make You Feel?

So, this photo is of a toilet tank in the bathroom where I work.

For a little background, let me note that the other girls that inhabit the 6th floor of the building I work in are absolute cretins. Filthy, disgusting, poo leavers and pee drippers.
Co-worker Michelle and I are always ranting to our mostly male office about the terrible state of the bathroom and how mortified we are that the girls we share it with leave it like they do.

The main issue, I guess, was a faulty flusher.
Yeah, I know this is starting to get complicated.

Basically, the first stall would never flush completely unless you held the handle. But really, you only have to hold it down for a measly two seconds and no prob, right?

Well, the other girls on the floor always seem to be too busy making gyno appointments on their cell phones in the stalls or too distracted by crucial lipstick application to do a thorough flush. Or to wash their hands for that matter...but that's a different issue all together.

So, we had enough...we had enough of seeing what they left behind every time we went into the restroom and we were prompted to write, and by we I mean mostly me, two passive aggressive notes trying to shame the femme-bots into working the toilet like normal human beings.

We were anxious to see the result...hoping that for the subsequent days following our notes...they would be conscious of how gross they actually were.

Instead, the poor little maintenance guy fixed the toilet and left us this note.

And in answer to his question, yes...yes, we are happy. Thank you.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Control Yourself, Take Only What You Need

Guess what I did yeseterday!?

Yep. I turned in my ballot...My vote is officially counted.

I had a lady in the parking lot take my pic with my "I voted" sticker!
To read a really AMAZING blog post on voting and it's importance...please read this:
Baby S wrote it...and it's succinct and perfect!

Speaking of Baby S!
We met up, he gifted me liberally, and then we went to Little India to celebrate Diwali with gobs of delish Indian food!
I'm so relieved he's back.
We've got plans. Awesome, nefarious, super right on plans!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tear Off The Top, Let Your Memory Pop

I went to a wine tasting on Saturday.

Sam, the dog cushion, was the wine purveyor...and Steph was the hostess.

It was a small intimate group, and was originally intended to be only girls...but we let Rick come over. He was lured by the smell of uncorked Malbecs and bacon wrapped scallops.

Sarah is, yet another, new favorite person. She's a super light weight - so, just the tasting of wine was creating hilarity on our side of the couch!

The dude section.

Look, good old Micaela was there! And happily, I'd like to introduce - Miriam!
She is seriously a kick in the ass times awesome. I'm saying, mathematically, she's rad.

Sweet Gina showed up a little late after a snafu at work.
TJ showed up even later, but she came bearing gifts. Her two fave bottles of wine.
We cheered!

Our teeth were purple, our lips were stained...

Micaela won the wine pairing wheel, but she gifted it to Miriam. It was that kind of party!

Steph lit a fire...probably the last one of the season!

I love a fire!

We swilled so much wine...7 bottles, if I have my count right...

And then beers too when the vino petered out...

We were all pleasantly tight!


Sweet Gina and I had a heart to heart...

Later we all put on pajama pants and got cozy downstairs at the Roslyn Bar.
You can smoke and stay up until 5 in the morning at this bar!
And we did!

Nighttime fashions!

By the looks of my lips, you can tell how dehydrated I was when I woke up in the morning!

We ate so much food...baked brie, marscapone whipped with honey and cinnamon, hummus, chips, gorgonzola and apricot tarts...and pumpkin bars - my autumnal contribution!

I'm pretty sure this pic was an accident, but I liked it anyway.

TJ tanked first...
We found her laying on the floor without a blankie or pillow.

So, we set her up!
I wasn't far behind her. I hung heavy, but sort of just fell apart and snuck upstairs to sleep on the couch.

After I passed out, the ladies took some pics with my camera.
Apparently, Sweet Gina tried to carry Mic up the stairs - piggyback style.
This was the result.

I miss out on all the good stuff!

Steph got a birds eye view of the accident.

But the girls didn't last much longer after me either.
I wonder if the boys realize what wackos we are when they aren't around!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Wash Away What We Create

I'm not a religious person.
Still, being in a place like this affects you. Wandering through rows of makeshift headstones, hand made bouquets, and offerings placed so deliberately...
The sky was perfectly blue and for a moment, while sitting by myself, I suddenly became aware that I couldn't see any of the people that I'd come with.
I'd entered this place confidently, sipping on a coffee with my camera hanging from my wrist, and in a later moment completely alone with the sun and a myriad of colors gently moving with the slight encouragement of the breeze.
To be reverent and alone.